Why China’s rich want to live in McMansions and fake châteaux

 •  April 25

Three types of people buy European or American-style villas in China, says Peng Rong, marketing director for real estate agent Yuan He. “The first...

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Interview: Amy Tan

 •  February 12

Amy Tan has had more reminders of mortality than most. As a teenager, her father and brother both died of brain tumours within a year. As a...

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Why piano-mania grips China’s children

 •  October 22

In Mao’s China, pianos were destroyed as despised symbols of the bourgeoisie – but now an estimated 40m children are learning the instrument....

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Micro movies beat China’s censors

 •  August 12

Filmmakers are tackling difficult subjects and taking artistic risks in short films consumed on mobile phones. Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore reports from...

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The unkindness of strangers

 •  July 27

SHANGHAI -- Eighty years ago Lu Xun, now enshrined as the father of modern Chinese literature, observed that when others needed help his countrymen...

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Beijing’s Play for Porn

 •  July 26

SHANGHAI — When it comes to pornography, the Chinese government is guilty of naked hypocrisy. This month Xinhua, the Chinese state-run news...

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The Generation Gap: Living Large

 •  July 17

SHANGHAI -- America has its “Gossip Girl”, Brazil has “Mulheres Ricas” (“Rich Women”) and India has its Bollywood confections. Films and...

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Fighting Communism, One Athlete at a Time

 •  July 3

SHANGHAI — Li Na, the Chinese tennis star, didn’t make it all the way at Wimbledon this time: She lost out in the women’s quarterfinals on...

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Mao in the Middle

 •  June 14

SHANGHAI — “Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal” is the largest collection of the artist’s works ever to appear in Asia. The two-year tour, which...

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Expat lives: the US to China

 •  May 31

For American architect and former fighter pilot Benjamin Wood, living in Shanghai provides not only the good life but a chance for...

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