How upmarket decor and bespoke designs are transforming houseboats

 •  June 18

Simon Woodroffe, founder of Yo! Sushi restaurant chain, chose not to invest in traditional bricks and mortar in England. Instead, the entrepreneur is...

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How warehouses can be turned into fashionable workspaces

 •  May 23

When Victoria Bravery moved into the former factory of Percy Dalton’s Famous Peanut Company, all she had to work with was an empty shell. The...

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Why China’s rich want to live in McMansions and fake châteaux

 •  April 25

Three types of people buy European or American-style villas in China, says Peng Rong, marketing director for real estate agent Yuan He. “The first...

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Heiress Veronica Chou on her Beijing ‘courtyard house in the sky’

 •  April 4

“We want[ed] to build a courtyard house in the sky,” says Veronica Chou, the Hong Kong textile heiress, as she waves her manicured hands around...

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China property: Demand grows for holiday homes in Hainan

 •  November 15

There is a long stretch of sand full of tourists in the Chinese holiday city of Sanya but no one is sunbathing. Aside from a handful of Russians, the...

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China property: High-end holiday homes by the Great Wall

 •  September 20

The village of Beigou sits in a valley in the shadow of the Great Wall of China. Chickens roam free, children play in the square and elderly...

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New style in old Shanghai

 •  April 5

Lucy Young flicks through an album of photographs taken from before she bought and renovated her Shanghai terraced lane house. There was a concrete...

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Where no cars go

 •  March 8

Houses cluster around snaking streets that stretch up hills on Lamma Island, a small enclave in Hong Kong characterised by overgrown jungle and...

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In Britain, Spacehive helps the people get civic projects done

 •  February 2

LONDON — In 2011, the London riots created chaos across the capital as disgruntled youth burned down buildings, looted shops and rampaged in the...

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Material lives

 •  September 14

In Hiroshima, Suppose Design Office buzzes with activity. Young architects crowd around a table, gluing pieces of a miniature building. Perched among...

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