A shark cull divides a nation

 •  April 9

Elyse Frankcom was diving with dolphins in the vast waters of Western Australia when she felt the jaws of a great white shark clamp around her...

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Polo power: China’s nouveau riche flock to playing fields

 •  September 30

Beijing - Outside the gates of the club, poor farmers tend to an orchard and pigs run amok. Inside, however, it is a very different scene. Chinese...

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Domestic violence: Beaten but unbowed

 •  August 18

BEIJING -- In 2006, when she was seven months pregnant, Kim Lee was kicked so hard in the abdomen by her husband that she needed hospital treatment....

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China’s new export to America: A baby boom

 •  March 10

The Year of the Dragon is behind a spike in birth rates – and there's only one way to avoid the one-child policy and get better medical care. In...

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