How upmarket decor and bespoke designs are transforming houseboats

 •  June 18

Simon Woodroffe, founder of Yo! Sushi restaurant chain, chose not to invest in traditional bricks and mortar in England. Instead, the entrepreneur is...

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Demand grows for high-tech gadgets and decor fit for James Bond

 •  June 6

When an A-list Hollywood director recently decided to deck out his new home he modelled his vision on Tony Stark, the fictional billionaire playboy...

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How warehouses can be turned into fashionable workspaces

 •  May 23

When Victoria Bravery moved into the former factory of Percy Dalton’s Famous Peanut Company, all she had to work with was an empty shell. The...

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Future Cinema: Where the audience is the star

 •  January 7

Immersive events that transform cinema-goers into participants have become popular nights out in London. BBC Culture’s Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore...

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In Britain, Spacehive helps the people get civic projects done

 •  February 2

LONDON — In 2011, the London riots created chaos across the capital as disgruntled youth burned down buildings, looted shops and rampaged in the...

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The Great Smog of China

 •  December 28

LONDON — My mornings in my home in Beijing always follow the same routine. Wake up. Make coffee. Check Air Quality Index online. Feel faintly...

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Phys Ed, China’s Losing Game

 •  August 10

BEIJING — China may be racking up medals at the Olympics in London and it may have celebrated National Fitness Day on Aug. 8, yet it’s anything...

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