Japanese architecture retains a traditional edge

 •  August 1

At the foot of Sanjo Ohashi Bridge, close to Kyoto’s fabled Gion neighbourhood, home to the city’s kimono-clad geishas, once sat an old Japanese...

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Creation out of devastation

 •  October 26

They say necessity is the mother of invention. In Japan, everything from limited resources to an ageing population has provided inspiration. Last...

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Material lives

 •  September 14

In Hiroshima, Suppose Design Office buzzes with activity. Young architects crowd around a table, gluing pieces of a miniature building. Perched among...

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Horihide still practices the dying art of hand tattoo

 •  June 24

GIFU, Japan — Hidden away in the backroom of a modest apartment in this central Japanese city, one of Japan's last remaining hand-tattoo masters is...

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Japan – The Great Flood

 •  June 1

IN THE HOURS after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, Abe Mitsuo was struck by how beautiful the sky was. Abe and his wife had fled their home...

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Tradition, washed away

 •  March 5

Kuizumi Yoichi wraps his coat closer around himself and clutches a heated can of coffee. We are sitting in a workshop in Ishinomaki, a Japanese...

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