Human Rights


Poet Jang Jin-sung’s secrets and lines

 •  July 26

It was Kim Jong-il’s unclad feet that undid his divinity. In 1999, Jang Jin-sung, a former state poet laureate from North Korea, was summoned to...

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Pollution in China: Precious art from toxic waste

 •  July 17

In 2013, Beijing saw a mere 25 days of ‘good’ air quality. The readings, with ‘good’ defined by US standards, demonstrate the single most...

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The Godfather of Chinese Rock ’n’ Roll Talks Tiananmen

 •  June 4

The birth of Chinese rock ’n’ roll can be pinned to 1986, when 24-year-old Cui Jian sang “Nothing to My Name” in a nationally televised...

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Ai Weiwei is back in production with his Fake studio and his team of assistants. What does art mean now to the dissident?

 •  May 2

When I sit down with Ai Weiwei, the first thing he does is aim his iPhone at me. We are in Ai’s cathedral-like home-cum-studio, in the dusty...

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How Chinese art explores its one-child policy

 •  October 2

The controversial law has stirred artists to action - from quiet despondency to open activism. As a critical new work goes on show in Shanghai,...

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Through the Gates of a Chinese Hell

 •  August 29

London -- In 2009, the Chinese author Ma Jian was traveling through China's poverty-stricken countryside when he saw the body of a newborn girl...

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Shanty China

 •  May 14

BEIJING — Western tourists who visit Beijing often remark on its lack of slums. Although it is home to seven million migrant workers, the capital...

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When Movie Money Talks

 •  April 26

BEIJING — On April 12, the famous commercial filmmaker Feng Xiaogang was honored as “director of the year’’ by the China Film Directors...

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Child abuse: Spare the rod, please

 •  April 3

BEIJING -- On March 25th, Global Times, a state-run newspaper, reported that a kindergarten teacher in Hebei province had been forcing pupils who...

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False Historical Consciousness

 •  March 19

BEIJING — My courtyard home in the heart of old Beijing has a view of the Drum Tower, which for centuries helped citizens keep track of the...

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