Film Reviews


Martial arts master Ip Man reigns large in film

 •  September 21

HONG KONG — There is a scene near the beginning of Wong Kar Wai's "The Grandmaster" in which the main character, the martial arts expert Ip Man,...

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Documentary spotlights Chinese artists Wang Guangyi, Liu Gang

 •  May 10

BEIJING -- One scene of the new documentary “Chimeras” shows the young Chinese artist Liu Gang wandering with his camera around a town in China...

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Hong Kong Film Festival: Capturing the ambiance of Taipei in ‘Together’

 •  March 25

HONG KONG — Ang Lee, Taiwan’s most famous director, brought new respect to his homeland with the artistic achievement created there in his...

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Hong Kong Film Festival: A film that deals with memory (and Macau)

 •  March 20

HONG KONG -- There is a moment in “The Last Time I Saw Macau” -- which plays Wednesday at the Hong Kong International Film Festival and is being...

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