Shanty China

 •  May 14

BEIJING — Western tourists who visit Beijing often remark on its lack of slums. Although it is home to seven million migrant workers, the capital...

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Notes on Camps

 •  January 22

BEIJING — Following days of confusion after the Chinese government announced plans to reform its policy of “re-education through labor,” the...

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The Great Smog of China

 •  December 28

LONDON — My mornings in my home in Beijing always follow the same routine. Wake up. Make coffee. Check Air Quality Index online. Feel faintly...

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The Belly of an Architecture

 •  November 6

BEIJING — Late last month, I attended the opening of the British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid’s latest work, the Galaxy Soho. A gargantuan...

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Not My (Only) Kid

 •  September 18

BEIJING — Coming out as gay is tough almost the world over. In China, it can constitute a major tragedy. When one man in northeast China told...

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Phys Ed, China’s Losing Game

 •  August 10

BEIJING — China may be racking up medals at the Olympics in London and it may have celebrated National Fitness Day on Aug. 8, yet it’s anything...

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Is Censorship Castrating China’s Best Writers?

 •  April 18

Beijing-based Tibetan poet Tsering Woeser believes China's writers are "castrated". Censorship and state crackdowns, Woeser suggests, is turning...

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I do not speak for Israel

 •  March 27

A Jewish friend of mine, now in her 20s, recently told me about a shocking incident while she was at school. Aged 16 she was confronted in front of...

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