Chinese Literature


Brave New China

 •  November 27

“To write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric,” said the German philosopher Theodor W. Adorno in 1949. In the dystopian parable “Death Fugue,”...

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A Chinese Novelist Goes Global

 •  April 25

Chinese author Mai Jia was born in 1964 in a small coastal village — just 40 kilometers from Hangzhou, but, he says, a far cry from that nearby...

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How Chinese art explores its one-child policy

 •  October 2

The controversial law has stirred artists to action - from quiet despondency to open activism. As a critical new work goes on show in Shanghai,...

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Through the Gates of a Chinese Hell

 •  August 29

London -- In 2009, the Chinese author Ma Jian was traveling through China's poverty-stricken countryside when he saw the body of a newborn girl...

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Chinese online literature: Voices in the wilderness

 •  March 24

BEIJING -- For the country that invented paper it is no small irony that China's most innovative writing happens off the page. A number of authors,...

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Literature of officialdom: The civil servant’s novel

 •  December 2

BEIJING -- Registrations for the civil-service exams reached a record high this year of about 1.4m, 20 times what they were a decade ago. The...

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Absurdist China

 •  November 8

Life is nothing but a circus. Such is the message of Yan Lianke's absurdist "Lenin's Kisses," a tale of political lunacy and greed set in modern-day...

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Do Nobels Oblige?

 •  October 12

BEIJING -- In 1917, Chen Duxiu, a Chinese revolutionary, asked: “Pray, where is our Chinese Hugo, Zola, Goethe, Hauptmann, Dickens or...

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Pauline Chen reworks a classic of Chinese literature

 •  September 16

In this modern adaptation of the 18th-century Chinese classic Dream of the Red Chamber, life for the aristocratic characters is described as akin to...

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The Bookworms of China

 •  September 4

BEIJING — The traditional publishing industry’s prospects may be bleak overall, but there is a promising story to be found in an unexpected...

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