Australian Director Sophie Hyde Explores Family Ties

 •  September 4

What is it like to have a mother who changes from a Jane to a James? The Australian avant-garde film "52 Tuesdays" deals with exactly that question....

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Poet Jang Jin-sung’s secrets and lines

 •  July 26

It was Kim Jong-il’s unclad feet that undid his divinity. In 1999, Jang Jin-sung, a former state poet laureate from North Korea, was summoned to...

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A legendary artist

 •  July 19

In the early 1960s Robert Dickerson gave his father a collection of his paintings. Regarding them as a waste of time, his father burnt them...

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Pollution in China: Precious art from toxic waste

 •  July 17

In 2013, Beijing saw a mere 25 days of ‘good’ air quality. The readings, with ‘good’ defined by US standards, demonstrate the single most...

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Patyegarang – review

 •  June 13

In 1972 the notebooks of a young 18th century lieutenant were discovered in the King’s College Library in London. They contained the scribbles of...

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Time piece: Tehching Hsieh exhibition

 •  May 24

On September 30, 1978, the Taiwanese-American artist Tehching Hsieh, then an illegal immigrant in New York, locked himself in a cage. He stayed...

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Google creative director explores his love for digital art in Sydney

 •  May 23

When Tom Uglow left Google’s London headquarters two years ago to move to Australia, he managed teams of up to a hundred. Today, as creative...

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Ai Weiwei is back in production with his Fake studio and his team of assistants. What does art mean now to the dissident?

 •  May 2

When I sit down with Ai Weiwei, the first thing he does is aim his iPhone at me. We are in Ai’s cathedral-like home-cum-studio, in the dusty...

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China’s design playground gives world’s top architects free rein

 •  April 13

When the Pritzker Prize-winning architect Wang Shu was asked to build a villa by an ambitious Chinese property tycoon he was given a simple spec. The...

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How China distorts its minorities through propaganda

 •  December 16

The People’s Republic wants Tibetans and Uyghurs to sing and dance on TV – but do little else. Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore reveals how the...

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