Time Out Beijing


In conversation with… Bidisha

 •  March 6

Bidisha was just 14 when she started writing for UK arts magazines, 16 when she signed her first book deal, and 18 when her novel Seahorses was...

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Interview: Amy Tan

 •  February 12

Amy Tan has had more reminders of mortality than most. As a teenager, her father and brother both died of brain tumours within a year. As a...

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Vets and the city

 •  July 22

Iraq war vet Ellie McEnroe is back in new thriller Hour of the Rat. Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore finds out why the heroine’s creator, US...

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Interview: AD Miller

 •  March 5

In 2006, AD Miller, then serving as The Economist’s Moscow correspondent, visited an office in the city’s municipal administration. He was shown...

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Interview: Lionel Shriver

 •  March 4

I am leaning forward to take a sip of mint tea in an upmarket hotel in London’s West End when Lionel Shriver swears at me. Profanities come thick...

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Future imperfect

 •  July 1

    Chan Koonchung, author of the hottest novel to come out of China this year, suggests we meet at Starbucks in The Place. Grasping our...

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Making the list

 •  February 1

  It is a typical summer’s day in Sydney. The sun is high and scalding in an azure sky, and I am waiting in front of a pretty stretch...

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