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Tombstone: The Untold Story of Mao’s Great Famine, By Yang Jisheng

 •  January 25

In 1959, Yang Jisheng watched the uncle who raised him starve to death during Mao's Great Famine. In 2008, he published Tombstone in Chinese in Hong...

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Weiwei-isms, By Ai Weiwei

 •  January 11

Last summer, I interviewed the maverick Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei in his Beijing studio. The interview marked a year after Ai's release...

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China’s new export to America: A baby boom

 •  March 10

The Year of the Dragon is behind a spike in birth rates – and there's only one way to avoid the one-child policy and get better medical care. In...

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Nanjing Requiem, By Ha Jin The Flowers of War, By Geling Yan

 •  January 20

Ha Jin's novel Nanjing Requiem begins with the words of a Chinese servant boy, Ban, forced to witness an orgy of pillage and murder as the victorious...

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Deng Xiaoping And The Transformation Of China, By Ezra F Vogel

 •  December 2

In the preface to his exhaustive biography of the Chinese statesman Deng Xiaoping, Ezra F Vogel recalls the moment the seed for the book was planted....

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Blood price of fear and greed: Yan Lianke’s novel exposes the truth about China’s hidden epidemic

 •  April 15

In Yan Lianke's apocalyptic book, Dream of Ding Village, an entire community in central China is decimated by "the fever". Locals who, a decade...

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