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Film in North Korea: Supreme leader’s supreme love

 •  June 6

IN 1987 Kim Jong Il published his manifesto on films, “The Cinema and Directing”. Kim—who ruled North Korea from 1994 to 2011 and was a film...

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China and the mirror of history: Let’s not forget

 •  March 4

BEIJING -- As a teenager during China’s Cultural Revolution, Zhang Hongbing provided the tip that led to his own mother’s execution. Mr Zhang...

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The unkindness of strangers

 •  July 27

SHANGHAI -- Eighty years ago Lu Xun, now enshrined as the father of modern Chinese literature, observed that when others needed help his countrymen...

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The Generation Gap: Living Large

 •  July 17

SHANGHAI -- America has its “Gossip Girl”, Brazil has “Mulheres Ricas” (“Rich Women”) and India has its Bollywood confections. Films and...

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Child abuse: Spare the rod, please

 •  April 3

BEIJING -- On March 25th, Global Times, a state-run newspaper, reported that a kindergarten teacher in Hebei province had been forcing pupils who...

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Chinese online literature: Voices in the wilderness

 •  March 24

BEIJING -- For the country that invented paper it is no small irony that China's most innovative writing happens off the page. A number of authors,...

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Literature of officialdom: The civil servant’s novel

 •  December 2

BEIJING -- Registrations for the civil-service exams reached a record high this year of about 1.4m, 20 times what they were a decade ago. The...

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Do Nobels Oblige?

 •  October 12

BEIJING -- In 1917, Chen Duxiu, a Chinese revolutionary, asked: “Pray, where is our Chinese Hugo, Zola, Goethe, Hauptmann, Dickens or...

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Domestic violence: Beaten but unbowed

 •  August 18

BEIJING -- In 2006, when she was seven months pregnant, Kim Lee was kicked so hard in the abdomen by her husband that she needed hospital treatment....

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