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A Visit to the Hermit Kingdom

 •  October 22

SHANGHAI — Some of the passengers were clutching their heads, complaining about hangovers, staring with glazed eyes out of the tour bus at the...

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Beijing’s Play for Porn

 •  July 26

SHANGHAI — When it comes to pornography, the Chinese government is guilty of naked hypocrisy. This month Xinhua, the Chinese state-run news...

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Confessions From the Cultural Revolution

 •  July 12

SHANGHAI — He beat his teachers, terrorized his neighbors, spat on his enemies. But last month, nearly four decades later, the former Red Guard Liu...

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Fighting Communism, One Athlete at a Time

 •  July 3

SHANGHAI — Li Na, the Chinese tennis star, didn’t make it all the way at Wimbledon this time: She lost out in the women’s quarterfinals on...

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Mao in the Middle

 •  June 14

SHANGHAI — “Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal” is the largest collection of the artist’s works ever to appear in Asia. The two-year tour, which...

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China’s Ethnic Song and Dance

 •  May 31

In China’s worst single outburst of ethnic violence in four years, 21 people died last month in the far western region of Xinjiang. But never mind...

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Shanty China

 •  May 14

BEIJING — Western tourists who visit Beijing often remark on its lack of slums. Although it is home to seven million migrant workers, the capital...

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The Chinese Dream

 •  May 3

BEIJING — Deng Xiaoping had “reform and opening up” and Hu Jintao had “harmonious society.” Now Xi Jinping has the “Chinese...

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When Movie Money Talks

 •  April 26

BEIJING — On April 12, the famous commercial filmmaker Feng Xiaogang was honored as “director of the year’’ by the China Film Directors...

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False Historical Consciousness

 •  March 19

BEIJING — My courtyard home in the heart of old Beijing has a view of the Drum Tower, which for centuries helped citizens keep track of the...

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