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Japanese architecture retains a traditional edge

 •  August 1

At the foot of Sanjo Ohashi Bridge, close to Kyoto’s fabled Gion neighbourhood, home to the city’s kimono-clad geishas, once sat an old Japanese...

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How upmarket decor and bespoke designs are transforming houseboats

 •  June 18

Simon Woodroffe, founder of Yo! Sushi restaurant chain, chose not to invest in traditional bricks and mortar in England. Instead, the entrepreneur is...

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Demand grows for high-tech gadgets and decor fit for James Bond

 •  June 6

When an A-list Hollywood director recently decided to deck out his new home he modelled his vision on Tony Stark, the fictional billionaire playboy...

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How warehouses can be turned into fashionable workspaces

 •  May 23

When Victoria Bravery moved into the former factory of Percy Dalton’s Famous Peanut Company, all she had to work with was an empty shell. The...

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Google creative director explores his love for digital art in Sydney

 •  May 23

When Tom Uglow left Google’s London headquarters two years ago to move to Australia, he managed teams of up to a hundred. Today, as creative...

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Why China’s rich want to live in McMansions and fake châteaux

 •  April 25

Three types of people buy European or American-style villas in China, says Peng Rong, marketing director for real estate agent Yuan He. “The first...

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China’s design playground gives world’s top architects free rein

 •  April 13

When the Pritzker Prize-winning architect Wang Shu was asked to build a villa by an ambitious Chinese property tycoon he was given a simple spec. The...

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Heiress Veronica Chou on her Beijing ‘courtyard house in the sky’

 •  April 4

“We want[ed] to build a courtyard house in the sky,” says Veronica Chou, the Hong Kong textile heiress, as she waves her manicured hands around...

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Expat Lives: Disease specialist who took a pay cut so he could work in China

 •  February 21

When the Cambridge-educated scientist Babak Javid applied for a position at Tsinghua University in Beijing he felt certain he would, at least, get an...

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The biologist who gave up US citizenship and returned to China

 •  January 10

The neurobiologist Rao Yi had the ill fortune six years ago to buy a “rotten tail building”. In Chinese the phrase refers to a development that...

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